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We have a multi purpose plant designed for the manufacture of Phosphate esters, Sulphosuccinates, sulphated oil and non ionics, Esterifications, Saponifcations, powder blending, Sulphition of oils and more.

The plant is designed for minimum impact to the environment, maximize product quality and throughput and flexibility to change chemistry.

Our manufacturing is batch orientated to suit customer specific product varying in quantities from 100 litres to 18000 litres.

Reaction Capabilities

We currently have 7 reactors of either 316 S/S or glass lined construction available in capacities from 1M³ to 5M³. Our vessels can be steam heated up to 155°C, or heated by hot oil up to temperatures of 260°C.

Our vessels are pressure rated up to 5 Bar, and can also perform reactions such as esterification’s under a full vacuum, with a Nitrogen sparge. On the reactors capable of having a vacuum, we have a reflux system available with heat exchangers with a temperature cooling system.

The reactors are fitted to scrubber systems to limit the environmental impact of the reactions undertaken.

The reactions currently undertaken at the site include:

  • Sulphation
  • Saponification
  • Esterification
  • Polymerisation
  • Neutralisation
  • Amidation
  • Sulphonation
  • Phosphate Esterification
  • Transesterification

Contract filling and packaging

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities we can repack your product from bulk or other packaging into containers ranging from 4 litre packs up to bulk tankers using our filling stations.

Chemical mixing services

In addition to our selection of reactors, we have 11 general purpose mixing vessels of 316 s/s construction available. These range in capacity from 0.4M³ to 18M³. We are able to offer high sheer mixing for solid/liquid systems with heating and cooling also available on each vessel.

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