Our plant located in Radcliffe, 10 km North-west of Manchester centre has been operational since 1880, producing a range of speciality chemicals, disinfectants, antiseptics, leather chemicals and sulphated oils.

With expertise in product development, technical support and quality assurance, plus our flexible production facilities, we are able to manufacture not only our standard product range but toll manufacture. 


 Chemistry and Plant

Multi purpose plants designed for the manufacture of Phosphate ester, Sulphosuccinates, sulphated oil and non-ionics, Esterification, Saponification, powder blending and Sulphitions of oils. 

Plant is designed for minimum impact on the environment; maximize product quality and throughput and flexibility to change chemistry. 

Batch orientated to suit customer specific product varying in quantities from 100 litres to 18000 litres.

Personnel have a minimum of 10 years experience. 

Key points regarding manufacturing 

Plant - liquids

All process vessels are either 316 Stainless Steel or Glass lined. Varying vessel sizes - 100L up to 18000L

Steam raised vessels - temperature range up to 155 Deg C Hot Oil system – 260 Deg C Cooling system - -5 Deg C Full vacuum for esterification reactions with Nitrogen sparge. Pressure vessels -  4.6 bar Reflux system available  High Sheer mixing for solid/liquid systems.

Plant Capacity 7500 tonnes per annum. 4500 t presently manufactured. Storage facilities – 22 Stainless Steel vessels, with heating, with an overall capacity of 500,000L

Plant – Powders 5 ribbon blends, Stainless steel, approx. 1000 tonnes per annum.  2 Homogenisers upto 5000psi

Production Vessel list 1x1000li reactor/mixing vessel 1x1600l stainless steel vessel 1x2000li mixing vessel 2x2000li Quick Sulphaters 2x4000li glass lined mixing vessels 9x4000li mixing vessels 2x5000li mixing vessels 2x5000li reactors 3x10, 000li mixing vessel 1x14, 000li mixing vessel 1x16,000li mixing vessel 1x20,000li mixing vessel

Bottling Plant – ATEX approved to fill from 5litres down to 125ml

Raw Material procurement – key bulk materials are traded but give competitive edge on pricing for manufactured products.

Mode of operation on site – batch orientated, single shift.

Laboratory – QC equipment and Research & Development. 

External Approvals

Integrated Management System - Certified ISO standards

ISO 9001:2000 No 3366QMS001 ISO 14001:2004 No 3366EMS001 OHSAS 18001:1999 No 3366OHS001

Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000 (SI2000 No 1973).

A permit is issued under regulation 10 to operate the following activities   Producing organic compounds containing Oxygen – Section 4.1 Part A(1)(a) (ii)  Producing organic compounds containing Sulphur – Section 4.1 Part A(1)(a) (iii)  Producing organic compounds containing Nitrogen – Section 4.1 Part A(1)(a) (iv)  Producing organic compounds containing Phosphorus– Section 4.1 Part A(1)(a) (v)

Permit No BM0044IW

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