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Hand Soap Concentrates
A high quality liquid soap exhibiting a broad spectrum of bactercidal and fungicidal activity for use in any application where hygiene is of paramount importance such as in the food processing and catering industries. It has a find detergent action with low skin irritancy and may be used on all parts of the body.

As liquid hand cleaner that contains a proven bactericide and fungicide to effectively clean hands as well as leaving them hygienically clean.

An excellent base that self thickens when water is added to produce viscous handgels. Handgel orange and Handgel Lemon are based on natural citrus oils which greatly assist detergency and leave hands smelling fresh and clean without feeling greasy. The gels produced from this concentrate are temperature stable, do not melt on hot days and are ideal for use through pump dispensers or for sale in buckets or re-sealable tubs.

As a base for the production of solvent free hand cleaners for use in a wide variety of applications. From areas such as soap pump dispensers in lavatories to heavy duty applications such as engineering, garages, coal mines etc where soiling is very high

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