Disinfectants | General Surface Disinfectant, Household & Industrial Cleaning

**QP60 Green/Amber/Black QP60 is a highly concentrated disinfectant base, containing quaternary ammonium chlorides, terpene alcohols, surfactants, perfumes and optional dyes. It can be diluted one part concentrate with 59 parts water to give a... read-more

Disinfectants | Household & Industrial Cleaning, First Aid

**Antiseptic Disinfectant Concentrate 1+9 Based on Dichlorometaxylenol in an easily dilutable concentrated form, the antiseptic concentrate is used in the preparation of Antiseptic fluids for general-purpose use.  Produces a white emulsion and... read-more

Potassium Oleates
Fatty Acid Soaps | Disinfectants, Emulsifiers, Cleaners

**J & W Whewell produce a range of liquid soaps derived from fatty acids of different hydrocarbon chain lengths, neutralised with alkalis or ammonia.  Longer chain soaps are good biodegradable detergents and anionic emulsifiers.  They... read-more

Hydrogen Peroxide
Traded & Blended | Cleaners, Pharmacutical, Cosmetics

**J& W Whewell can offer hydrogen peroxide in various strengths to meet customer requirements. It is widely used in cleaning products and as a bleaching agent in the paper industry and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  

Alcohol Ethoxylates
Traded & Blended | Emulsifiers, Dispersant

**Non-ionic surfactants used as a suitable alternative replacement of nonylphenol Ethoxylate. The performance properties of these non-ionic surfactants can be adjusted by the alcohol selection and by the length of the hydrophilic polyethylene glycol... read-more