Leather Treatment
Textiles | Tanning, Pre-Treatment, Degreaser

**Sternlic B An anionic fat liquor for upholstery leather, particularly for the automotive industry, and shoe leather. Leather 924 A general purpose good quality fat liquor for vegetable tanned and combination tanned leathers aimed at firm... read-more

Textiles | Softeners, Lubricant

**Emenol AD Cationic liquid general high performance liquid softener for all fibres. Low levels of addition, good build up properties. Stable to basic and acid dyebath conditions. Emenol SIL & SIL2 Cationic liquid blend of conventional... read-more

Detergents, Scouring and Wetting Agents
Textiles | Detergent, Scouring Agent, Wetting Agent

**Biosol DL Anionic/non-ionic liquid, biodegradable non-chlorinated solvent detergent. Very efficient replacement for the chlorinated solvent scouring of wool pieces containing high levels of oil. Chlorethol Concentrate Liquid blend of... read-more