Hydrogen Peroxide
Traded & Blended | Cleaners, Pharmacutical, Cosmetics

**J& W Whewell can offer hydrogen peroxide in various strengths to meet customer requirements. It is widely used in cleaning products and as a bleaching agent in the paper industry and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  

Alcohol Ethoxylates
Traded & Blended | Emulsifiers, Dispersant

**Non-ionic surfactants used as a suitable alternative replacement of nonylphenol Ethoxylate. The performance properties of these non-ionic surfactants can be adjusted by the alcohol selection and by the length of the hydrophilic polyethylene glycol... read-more

Castor Oils
Traded & Blended | Lubricant, Emulsifiers, Pharmacutical

**Obtained from the seeds of Ricinius Commanis, a plant which is cultivated in several tropical areas of the world. The oil has a high percentage of Ricinoleic acid and a hydroxyl group on the 12th atom, which gives unique chemical and physical... read-more

Fatty Acids
Traded & Blended | Liquid Soaps, Soluable Cutting Oils, Concrete Mould Release Agents

**TOFA and DTO are the fatty acids of the pine trees used to produce paper. The products mainly consist of unsaturated C18 and C20 with a range of rosin acids. Applications include: soluble cutting oils, liquid soaps, concrete mould release agents,... read-more

Orange Terpenes
Traded & Blended | Cleaners, Degreaser, Textile

**A solvent derived from the distillation of orange oil and is characterised by its citrus odour and excellent solvency properties. Due to its excellent solvency, odour and biodegradability properties Orange Terpenes has found numerous application... read-more