Detergents, Scouring and Wetting Agents

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Biosol DL
Anionic/non-ionic liquid, biodegradable non-chlorinated solvent detergent. Very efficient replacement for the chlorinated solvent scouring of wool pieces containing high levels of oil.

Chlorethol Concentrate
Liquid blend of chlorinated solvents and anionic/non-ionic surfactants for the scouring of wool pieces containing high levels of oil.

Exenol NB/Exenol NB (85%)/Exenol NB (Conc)
Non-ionic liquid biodegradable detergent, emulsifier and wetting agent based on a primary alcohol ethoxylate. Suitable for general wetting but has also excellent scouring properties on wool.

Exenol XB
Anionic/non-ionic liquid concentrated general purpose detergent, suitable for neutral scouring of wool and alkali kier boiling and scouring of cotton goods.

Exenol DG
biodegradable wetting agent and detergent with good emulsifying and dispersing properties for many types of scouring processes including the removal of mineral oils.

Anionic liquid highly efficient rapid wetting agent (in a high flash point solvent). Especially effecting in the pre-wetting of polyamide carpet.

Sulphated Castor Oil
Wetting agent, detergent for wool & cotton scouring, dye leveller.

Lubrex N
Anionic/non-ionic liquid blend of synthetic detergents formulated for milling in conventional milling machines.

Unex C
Cationic liquid for the prevention and re-deposition and back-staining of colour during the scouring/washing of colour woven cloth and garments.

Unex NS/B
Non-ionic liquid blend of non-ionic surfactants sequestering agents, and solvent, particularly suitable for continuous wool piece scouring.

Zenol BS
Non-ionic liquid solvent detergent used for the removal of spinning and knitting lubricants. Particularly suitable for the scour dyeing of polyester knitgoods in jet machines.

Ferrik EDTA
liquid sequestering agent. The use of this product in the scouring and more particularly in the wash off, will greatly facilitate the subsequent dyeing and finishing operations.