Hygiene | Detergent, Hand Soaps, Floor Cleaners |

J & W Whewell manufacture a diverse range of products supplied into the hygiene industry, including: floorgels, hand soaps, surface cleaners and degreasers.

Lemon Floorgel
A high standard base for the production of "buffable" floorgels.  It self-thickens on contact with water at the recommended dilution to produce gels that are not temperature sensitive and are effective in the removal of oil, grease and grime.  The citrus oil component gives a fresh clean aroma and supplements the detergent action.  It can be used on linoleum, PVC, sealed wood and cork and all hard surfaces.

Pine Floorgel
As a buffable floor cleaner for regular cleaning and maintenance of all floors and as a very effective cleaner of PVC upholstery. The pine oil component supplements the degreasing action and gives a fresh clean aroma. 

Handgel Orange/Lemon
An excellent base that self thickens when water is added to produce viscous handgels.  Handgel Orange and Handgel Lemon are based on natural citrus oils, which greatly assist detergency and leave hands smelling fresh and clean without feeling greasy. 

Hard Surface Cleaner
An excellent base for the production of high quality hard surface cleaners that are very effective in removing oil and grease on steel and non-painted aluminium.  It contains no perfumes or dyes and will not taint foodstuffs and therefore is ideal for use in food processing and serving areas.

Degreaser 744
A liquid degreasing formulation for the removal of a wide range of oils and fats on various types of surfaces. Degreaser 744 is a safe environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-flammable product. 

Carpet Shampoo
Carpet shampoo is a specially formulated liquid detergent compound used to clean carpets and rugs. Carpet shampoo is often used in conjunction with a hand-propelled machine to generate foam before agitation. The general idea of using carpet shampoo is to create a thick foam that will attract and suspend dirt particles scrubbed out of the carpet pile. Once this dirty foam has dried, the residue can be vacuumed away.

This product is based on a blend of castor oil soap, polymers, perfume and a preservative.  When diluted to 10% it produces a stable milky white emulsion product with a strong lingering bubble gum aroma. Principal application is in the masking of areas with unpleasant and nuisance odours such as landfill sites, effluent treatment plants, bio-sludge plants.