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J & W Whewell produce a wide range of formulated antifoam and defoaming agents including silicone and non-silicone types designed to prevent foam in a variety of applications.  Products may be modified for individual customers to solve specific foaming problems.

The choice of antifoam usually depends on the type of substance causing the foam, physical condition such as temperature, the length of time the antifoam is required to control foam and the compatibility the antifoam in the system.  In general, silicone based products are suitable for controlling foam in systems containing high levels of synthetic surface active agents while organic based products may be more effective at controlling foam caused by polymeric foam stabilisers such as proteins and starches.

Recommended Uses

Detergents and cleaners:
To control foam in product or as it is used.

Food processing:
Sugar and potato processing, starch and protein manufacture, vegetable washing.

Yeast, enzyme manufacture, distillation.

Textile and leather:
Dyeing, finishing, degreasing and scouring.

Oil and petroleum:
Drilling muds, degassing, cementing.

Paper manufacture:
Pulping and paper machine dearating, paper coating.

Paints and coatings:
Paint, ink and adhesive blending, coating application.

Plastic and rubber:
Emulsion polymerisation, stripping, coagulation.

Water treatment:
Waste water, effluent and boiler water.

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