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Boric Ester and Fatty Amides

Fatty amides are nonionic surfactants produced from long chain fatty acids reacted with various alkanolamides giving good emulsification, corrosion inhibition and lubricating properties.

Fatty amides based on primary & secondary alkanolamides.

Boric ester based on primary & secondary alkanolamides

Recommended Uses

Aqueous metal working fluids:
emulsification, corrosion inhibition and lubricant

Oil based lubricants:
corrosion inhibition and lubricant

Oil field drilling fluids:
corrosion inhibition, de-scaling agent, hard water stability and lubricant

emulsification of grease, hard water stability & corrosion inhibition

emulsification & corrosion inhibition

Paints & coatings:
emulsification & corrosion inhibition

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