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Fatty Acid Soaps
J & W Whewell produce a range of liquid soaps derived from fatty acids of different hydrocarbon chain lengths, neutralised with alkalis or ammonia.  Longer chain soaps are good biodegradable detergents and anionic emulsifiers.  They find use as components of liquid detergent and cleaner concentrates, lubricants, foaming agents and emulsions.
Recommended Uses

Cleaners and polishes
Provide detergency and emulsification of oils in alkali detergents, hard surface cleaner and floor cleaning gels.  Used with other anionic and non-ionic surfactants in heavy-duty liquid detergents.  Longer chain soaps may also be used to depress the foam of detergents in hard water.

Excellent emulsifiers and solubiliser for phenolic disinfectant bases.  Castor oil soaps are particularly useful in emulsifying pine oils and chlorinated phenolic disinfectant bases.

Waterproofing of concrete.

Emulsion polymerisation:
Emulsifiers and stabilisers for latexes.

Paints, coatings and adhesives: 
Emulsifiers, pigment dispersants.

Dispersing agent for paper coatings, castor soap is recommended as a clay dispersant.

Textile processing: 
Detergents, scouring agent for wool.

Rubber and polymer:
Economical emulsifiers and wetting agents.  Anti tack agent and mould release agents.  Foaming agents in carpet backing latexes

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