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Phosphate Ester Based Anionic Surfactants

J & W Whewell offers phosphate ester based anionic surfactants exhibiting a wide range of properties.  Most are available in free acid form that may be neutralised with a number of different bases.  Neutralisation with alkali metal hydroxides increases the water solubility of phosphate esters while neutralisation with higher molecular weight amines may produce oil soluble products with good lubricating and corrosion inhibiting properties.

The emulsifying and dispersing properties of phosphate esters vary with the nature of the hydrophobe on which then are based, degree of ethoxylation and phosphation.  They range from being soluble in paraffinic hydrocarbons to being soluble in water containing high levels of electrolytes.  The products with highest water solubility act as hydrotropes to solubilise other surfactants in high concentrations of salts and alkalis.

Recommended Uses

Detergents and cleaners:
Products based on ethoxylated hydrophobes act as good detergents and hydrotropes, stable in alkaline solutions containing high levels of inorganic salts.

Emulsion polymerisation:
Combine steric with electrostatic stabilisation of emulsions.  They are good wetting agents, increase the adhesion of films to metals, inhibit corrosion and act as antistatic agents.  When used as emulsifier for polyvinyl acetate and acrylics they form films of good clarity, heat and light stability.

Lubricity, extreme pressure properties and corrosion inhibition in water based and oil based lubricants.  Emulsifiers for oils in metalworking formulations.

Leather processing:
Provide lubricity and softness when used as bases for fat liquors.  May also be used as low foam wetting agents and detergent degreasers in leather preparation.

Low foam wetting agents with stability in caustic and peroxide solutions for use in scouring, bleaching and as dye dispersants and penetrants.  May also be sued as bases for lubricant and antistatic formulations.

Paints and coatings:
Emulsifiers and dispersants for dispersion of pigments and fillers in solvent and water based coatings with corrosion inhibiting properties.

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