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Sulphosuccinate Based Anionic Surfactants

Sulphosuccinates are anionic surfactants based on sulphosuccinic acid esters of alcohols. Products based on dioctyl sulphosuccinate exhibit low dynamic surface tensions in aqueous solutions and are therefore recommended as wetting agents and as dispersing agents for hydrophobic solids.

Dioctylsulphosuccinate is available dissolved in a number of different carrier liquids. Concentrated grades are available at 70 % or 60 % in water and ethanol or glycol. The 60 % active grades dissolve more rapidly in water.  

Products in  paraffinic oil and soluble in non-polar solvents such as hydrocarbons and may be used as emulsifiers for oils and as dispersants in nonaqueous applications such as plastics and varnishes.

In general, sulphosuccinates are of low toxicity, biodegradable and stable in neutral solutions but may hydrolyse at the ester link when diluted in strong acid or alkaline solutions.

Recommended Uses

Emulsifiers, penetrants and wetting agents for oils and powders.

Components of glass and floor cleaners for wetting surfaces.  Solubilises water in dry cleaners.  Rug shampoos.  Antifog agents.

Emulsion polymers:
Emulsifiers in emulsion and suspension polymerisation, wetting agents and foaming agents.

Textile industry:
Cotton cloth desizing to improve wetting and penetration of enzyme and acid desizing agents.  Dyestuff dispersants.

Oilfield industry:
Demulsifiers, oil slick dispersants, wetting agents.

Paints and coatings:
Wetting agents, pigment dispersants, emulsifying agent.

Rubber and plastic:
Mold release agents. Dispersants.

Leathers and furs:
Rewetting agent, detergent, dispersant.

Mining and mineral processing:
Dewatering agent, wetting agent.

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