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All Substrates

All Substrates
Emenol AD
Cationic liquid general high performance liquid softener for all fibres.  Low levels of addition, good build up properties.  Stable to basic and acid dyebath conditions.
Emenol SIL & SIL2
Cationic liquid blend of conventional cationic softening agent and anti-stat containing silicone micro-emulsion.  Suitable for natural and man made fibres.  Good sewability of woven and knitted fabrics.
Exenol NB/Exenol NB (85%)/Exenol NB (Conc)
Non-ionic liquid biodegradable detergent, emulsifier and wetting agent based on a primary alcohol ethoxylate.  Suitable for general wetting but has also excellent scouring properties on wool.
Exenol XB
Anionic/non-ionic liquid concentrated general purpose detergent, suitable for neutral scouring of wool and alkali kier boiling and scouring of cotton goods.
Sofsil Finish/Sofsil Finish (Conc)
Non-ionic liquid, non-ionic amino-silicone softener which imparts a luxuriant handle to polyester, polyester/cotton and nylon.  Gives “silk-like” handle on synthetics.  Ideal durable softener can produce machine washable wool garments particularly if used in combination with a catalyst.
Excellene T Series

Anionic liquid combined wetting/dispersing/emulsifying agent based on a phosphate ester.   Suitable for all pre-treatment processes for cellulosic fibres especially effective in the alkali scouring and bleaching of cotton.  May also be used as a scour/dye agent in the dyeing of polyester.

Antifoam ACD

Non-ionic liquid. 100% active non-silicone antifoam based in mineral oil and low foaming emulsifiers.  Good stability to high temperature, electrolytes, caustic and hydrogen peroxide.  Very effective in continuous carpet colouration.

Perstab A

Anionic liquid highly effective organic peroxide Stabilizer with sequestering properties.

Dylube CPA

Non-ionic liquid specially developed combined lubricant, anti-creasing agent with tabiliz and penetrating properties for the dyeing of knitted and lightweight fabrics.

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