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Terpene Oils
There are a range of products available with varying terpene alcohol contents, these products are mostly used in preparation of household and industrial disinfectants as it's unique penetrating and wetting properties are imparted on the final product. The piney fragrance can be used to mask odorous environments, or enhance the preparation based on it.
Products Available
  • Pine Oil 90
  • Pine Oil 70
  • Dipentene
Orange Terpenes

A biodegradable solvent which occurs in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil. Obtained from the alkali treatment and steam distillation of citrus peel and pulp that remains after the production of the juice.

Widely used as a component in degreasing, Oil Field Chemicals, Cleaning Preparations, in it's solvent properties aid as a lemon fragrance addative, and can be used as a replacement for toxic chlorinated solvents

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